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  • Westside Housing Association Inc. has Relocated!

    As of the 1st of August, Westside Housing Association Inc. will be in a new office in Prospect.   Where:  208 Churchill Road, Prospect SA 5082   The following details will change effective immediately Postal Address PO Box 445, Prospect SA 5082   Telephone and Fax Tel (08) 8155 6070 Fax (08) 8155 6089 … Read More

  • Tenant Story

    A year ago my wife, 21 and I, 22 were celebrating the birth of our first child and preparing for our first family Christmas. My job was stable and provided the necessary income required to support our family. Christmas came and the new-year was in and we believed 2008 would … Read More

  • Magic Harvest – Community Garden

    Magic Harvest is a program that assists groups to learn together how to grow and cook food. In late 2013 UCWB adopted this method to complement our Low Cost Living, and other capacitybuilding programs. Each week a group of UCWB clients visit the Brompton Community Garden where a plot is … Read More