Green Thumb Grant

The Westside Green Thumb Grants have now all been allocated for 2017 and 2018

16 deserving tenants from all over Adelaide each received a grant for them to undertake front yard and neighborhood projects, which included:

  • plant a shared vege patch in a unit complex
  • plant verge fruit trees
  • more native trees to attract bird-life
  • a front yard tree to block traffic lights and shade a bedroom.

Green Thumb Grant Review

In 2017 Westside started the Green Thumb Grant, providing 15 x $200 Bunnings Gift Voucher to households who wanted to undertake a front yard project. Working in the front yard would lead to outcomes that included spending more time outdoors, developing and improving relationships with neighbours and others in the community, improving a sense of pride in the home and utilising grown produce. After completing an initial review with some grant recipients, we found out that (as a result of their front garden activity): 

  • 100% enjoy the changes in their garden 
  • 100% have met new people and developed better relationships with those in their neighbourhood 
  • 100% have pride in their garden
  • 80% spend more time outdoors 
  • 80% would not have been able to afford this work otherwise 
  • 100% have received positive feedback about their garden work  
  • 2 recipients eat more fresh produce from their garden and 3 recipients feel safer. 

Green Thumb Grants in the future  

Westside is considering offering the Grants again. Anyone who wishes to can be placed on a waitlist.

You can contact Alex on 08 8155 6082 or email with the front yard project you want to do, or with any questions or feedback about the Green Thumb Grants.

Green Thumb Grant Logo

Pictures of some of the projects so far!