Green Thumb Grant

The Westside Green Thumb Grants have now all been allocated.

16 deserving tenants from all over Adelaide each received a grant for them to undertake front yard and neighborhood projects, which included:

  • plant a shared vege patch in a unit complex
  • plant verge fruit trees
  • more native trees to attract bird-life
  • a front yard tree to block traffic lights and shade a bedroom.


A review of the Green Thumb Grant will be undertaken in 2018. The aim of the review is to see if the grant actually helped tenants to make their gardens feel more homely, helped them interact and form relationships with neighbors and improve the look of the yards.

If the review proves that the Green Thumb Grant has had many positive outcomes, then Westside may consider another grant round.

Anyone who wishes to, can be placed on a wait list for a grant in the future. You can contact Alex on 08 8155 6082 or email with the front yard project you want to do, or with any questions or feedback about the Green Thumb Grants.

Green Thumb Grant Logo

Pictures of some of the projects so far!

A shared verge was transformed into a garden that makes both homes look good.