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  • Excellence in Social Housing

    Excellence in Social Housing On Thursday 30 May, Westside Housing Association Inc. received the SA ‘Excellence in Social Housing’ award at the Australasian Housing Institute event. Our winning submission was called ‘Place by Place’, a data-informed model Westside used to identify hot-spots that need particular focus and to listen to … Read More

  • A new-look Water Bill

    We are making Water Bills simple. From March 2019, you will be sent a new look Water Bill from Westside. The new Water Bill now has all the information you need in one piece of paper, including your water charges and up to date account information. They will still be sent … Read More

  • Out with the old, in with the new

    Two house demolitions have started Westside Housings’ new year off with a bang. The two homes, one in Parafield Gardens and the other in Ingle Farm, were demolished in late January 2019. In their place, Westside will be constructing three new three-bedroom homes in Parafield Gardens and two new homes … Read More

  • Roaming Maintenance Meetings 2019

    You told us you want to know more about the maintenance that is planned to be carried out on your home in the future. You also want to have open conversations with our Maintenance Team about how to make your home easier to live in. for this meeting, it would … Read More

  • Waste not, want not

    As a part of Westside’s development schedule, we inevitably need to knock down old homes to build new ones. A home in Ingle Farm is scheduled for demolition early next week, and in order to share the variety and quantity of plants that have grown in this home over the … Read More

  • Westside seeks a new Board Director

    Westside Housing Association Inc is going through a period of change and growth and are seeking a new Board Director to help guide us into the future. This position will fill the eighth position available on the Westside Housing Association Board of Directors. Below is a brief summary of the … Read More