Westside Tenant Advisory Group

“Ask questions, turn ideas in action!”

Join the Westside Tenant Advisory Group (WTAG) & attend our events

Westside is committed to listening to and working with its customers. The insights, skills and opinions of people who live in our homes will help to shape our services, projects and policies.

This group will work in collaboration. Westside staff and tenants will work together to discover how improvements can be made to Westside as a business and as a community, to better the lives of our tenants.

We will listen to issues that arise in consultation and conversations and respond with proactive solutions.

Together we can contribute to making lives and tenancies sustainable, now and in the future.

look for, and harness strength / include others in decisions / find answers / deliver outcomes / listen / strive for fairness for everyone / keep improving

First event

Barefoot Bowls, BBQ and a Chat

The first 2 events were held in late February and early March at Bowls Clubs in Clearview and Marion.

We had over 16 people attends over both events, which turned out to be very social and fun. Many people were introduced to a new sport – lawn bowls.
Many also visited a lawn bowls club for the first time.

Conversations over dinner focused around:

  • Virtual Power Plant (how to register and an update on the project).
  • My Aged Care (how Westside can support older tenants in the process and lack of services for those registered).
  • Surveys (the coming Tenant Satisfaction Survey and other surveys people have been invited to complete).
  • Transfers and allocations (people can go on the transfer list if they are unhappy in their current home).
  • An AGM (Westside used to hold one that was well attended, would it be worthwhile having them again every year?).
  • The TAG (all who attended agreed that these TAG events should have a strong social competent with conversations and consultation).
Above: tenants enjoying lawn bowls and conversation.

Look out for the next invite to TAG 2 – events happening in the second half of 2018!

Look out for information in the Winter Inside Westside Newsletter 2018

What are the benefits of coming along to a TAG event?

TAG members will engage with Westside on a voluntary basis and provide their time, knowledge and expertise (whilst enjoying a social environment of the event):

  • You will learn new skills (that can help you apply for jobs or volunteer roles).
  • You will meet new people.
  • You can contribute to making life better for yourself, your neighborhood and other Westside Housing tenants.
  • You can plan events, activities and projects that help you in your home and your community.

Get involved

All TAG events will be advertised to the whole Westside tenant community. This will be done through the Inside Westside newsletter (where possible), a separate mail out, included in other correspondence or bills, an SMS, on this website and through flyers or word of mouth.

Contact Alex to find out more:

8155 6082